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Anyone with a double-coated dog, whether a long-haired breed, such as a Border Collie or Golden Retriever, or a short-haired breed, such as a Labrador or French Bulldog, will be familiar with the continual task of hoovering up loose dog hairs from furniture and clothes.

Deshedding is the equivalent of doing a full groom on a double-coated dog. It is the process of removing dead hairs from the undercoat. Many double-coated dogs begin to shed profusely during the Spring and Summer months, which makes it an ideal time to book them in for a groom. However, since we all live in heated homes, dogs tend to shed continuously throughout the year, and many benefit from more frequent grooms, alternating with a Bath, Brush & Blow Dry, every two months.

A full deshedding groom consists of

  • Pre-groom consultation

  • Health check

  • Nail trim

  • Trimming hair between paw pads

  • Ears cleaned

  • Full wash with natural, deshedding shampoo (free from parabens and sulphates)

  • Deshedding conditioning treatment, such as a conditioning mud-bath

  • Anal glands expressed (on request only)

  • Deshedding blow dry

  • Thorough brush out with professional tools for removing undercoat

  • Trim hygiene areas

  • Scissor trim of feathers and skirt as required

  • Lots of love and attention throughout

Small Dogs: short-haired from £50 long-haired from £60

Medium Dogs: short-haired from £60 long-haired from £66

Large Dogs: Short-haired from £66 long-haired from £80

XL Dogs: POA

Starting prices are just that! They are based on dogs who are groomed every 8-12 weeks, and who take to the process well. Final prices take into consideration breed; coat condition and temperament of the dog. We will discuss these with you during the consultation, or even mid-groom if needed.

Deshedding Enquiry

Please get in touch for information about availability

Thanks for your enquiry. I may be grooming right now,
and will reply as soon as possible.

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