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I've created a Grooming Parlour that I would want for my own dogs.


Everyone is welcome to come and look around, and to see all the tools and processes used to groom your dog. There's no hiding behind counters and closed doors here. I always arrange a Meet & Treat first so you and your dog can familiarise yourself with the new surroundings, and, of course, with your groomer. I will always tell you honestly how your dog feels during the groom, and will make recommendations for next time. Owners of puppies and anxious dogs are often invited to stay if I feel it might benefit your dog during its groom.


This means putting the welfare, comfort and safety of the pets in our care above the requirement for an aesthetically pleasing, or even complete groom. In practice this means never pushing a dog through a grooming process before they are ready for it, or if we feel there will be a long-term detrimental impact to their emotional health, in their trust in grooming, or in their groomer. I am so committed to ensuring all dogs have a decent grooming experience that I am Fear Free certified


There are only ever one or two us working in The Parlour at any time, with maybe some gentle music on and some light, often one-sided conversation with your dog. It's very peaceful. And when we are calm, your dogs will be too. No constant to-ing and fro-ing, and with only one dog being groomed at a time. A warm and welcoming environment for all dogs, and especially good for puppies and anxious dogs.


I groom from a home in West Finchley and every part of it is open for dogs to explore and play. Quite often, customers stay for a cup of tea and a natter. If you feel comfortable here, your dog will also feel comfortable here. And believe me, the sofa is extremely comfortable :-)

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