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Please read the terms below carefully before making a booking

Updated 29/01/2024 11:38 Inclusion of terms for promotion: 10% new customer grooms in February 

Updated 26/06/23 18:05 (Section called 'Coat Condition and Matted Coats' updated to say max. of 30-mins dematting per grooming session.)

Updated 27/02/23 18:05 (Section called 'Prices' updated to include full groom time frames for SML dogs, and additional fees.)

Updated 02/05/22 23:10 (Section called 'Coat condition and matted coats' updated to include de-matting policy and surcharge.)

Updated 23/01/22 (Section called 'Drop-offs and Collections' updated)

Updated 03/01/22 13:23

Updated 10/11/2021 18:27

Current Vaccinations/Veterinarian Information:

You, the Customer, confirm that when bringing your dog in for a groom that  they are up to date with vaccinations for canine parvovirus, canine distemper virus, Leptospirosis and Infectious canine hepatitis. You agree to provide Proof of Vaccination to The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour on request, as well as current Veterinarian information.


Consent-based Grooming:

At The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour we follow the principles of consent-based grooming. This means putting the welfare, comfort and safety of the pets in our care above the requirement for an aesthetically pleasing, or even complete groom.


In practice this means we will not push a dog through a grooming process before they are ready for it, or if we feel there will be a long-term detrimental impact to their emotional health, in their trust in grooming, or in their groomer.


For the benefit of your dog(s) it may be necessary to split their appointment into multiple sessions across several days to allow them breaks in between to decompress.


Because of this, we always make best endeavours to complete a groom, but cannot guarantee what can be done at each appointment. We ask for your understanding and patience when some things are not possible or take longer to achieve in order to create a positive impact on your dog's association with grooming.


We may also recommend familiarisation or desensitisation sessions (at a cost); home-based coat maintenance and/or counter-conditioning exercises; or a regular grooming schedule in order to better accustom your pet to being groomed. Our goal is to help your dog(s) see grooming as a positive - or, at the very least, tolerable - experience. Failure to follow recommended  activities or programs may result in an anxious dog and/or additional grooming fees.


At The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour we also see your dog as an individual. They have their good days and bad days. Factors outside of grooming may contribute to the stress they are feeling while inside the salon. Because of this we cannot guarantee exactly the same finish per groom and there may be days where your dog needs more time to complete their groom than usual. We will always be honest and communicate if there is a change in their usual behaviour that may affect the time or outcome of the groom.

Anxious, Triggered, or Aggressive Dogs:

You, the Customer agree to truthfully inform The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour of any sensitivities or triggers that may lead to your dog to becoming anxious and/or aggressive during the groom.


At The Artful Dog, we will not apply a muzzle in order to continue a groom with a dog who is biting or attempting to bite, as these are signs that they are over their tolerance threshold. However, in the case of biting, you agree to us stopping the groom and applying a muzzle if we feel there is a reasonable risk to your dog’s safety; to our safety; to the safety of any other animal or person in the immediate vicinity; or a risk to equipment, or fixtures and fittings. In such instances, you agree to paying the full cost of the groom. If your dog bites or acts in such a way to cause injury or material damage, you are agree to pay any and all related medical bills, recovery costs, loss of income and equipment damage.


Accidents, Health or Medical Problems:

You accept that grooming equipment is sharp, and that dogs wriggle and may be unpredictable. The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour exercises all due caution and care when grooming, but sometimes accidents happen. Examples of this are: skin irritation, quicked nails, nicks, cuts etc. By booking your dog in for a groom you consent to your groomer applying emergency first-aid treatment as appropriate (all groomers have received training in canine first aid within the last 12 months). We will always notify you, either immediately or on collection, of any such incidents, and will record them in the accident log. If a dog will not tolerate a process to the risk of their safety, we will end the groom or that part of the groom.


Sometimes, during or after a groom, an underlying medical problem may be exposed or a current one may be aggravated. Agreeing to these terms means that you, the Customer, grant permission for The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour to obtain immediate Veterinary treatment for your dog if the groomer thinks it necessary, and that you will cover all expenses for any such veterinary care. As such it is vital that you provide up-to-date and accurate information on the state of your dog’s emotional and physical health prior to the groom. The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour will not be held liable for injury or death arising from a pre-existing condition.

Elderly Dogs:

Because senior pets and pets with health problems are at greater risk of stress and injury, these pets will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort, using techniques and in styles that will not add to their stress.

Pregnant Dogs:

The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour does not groom pregnant dogs at the current time.

Fleas, Ticks and Lice:

As a home-grooming brand we cannot risk an infestation inside our parlours or to other dogs on-site. If you suspect your dog has fleas, ticks, lice or any other infectious disease, or if your dog is currently being treated for an infectious disease, you agree to notifying us and rescheduling your dog’s grooming appointment at such time your pet has been cleared by a vet. We will require written proof from your Vet that your dog is free from infection.  If fleas are found on your dog at any point during the groom, you will be contacted immediately to collect your pet. A flea infestation may cause temporary suspension of The Artful Dog grooming services, therefore  a £30 surcharge will be added to the grooming bill to cover the expense of additional disinfection measures required. If ticks are found, a surcharge of £5 will be levied for their removal.


Coat Condition and Matted Coats:

You, the Customer, agree that the health and welfare of your dog are your responsibility, including but not limited to the condition of their coat.

Matted coats in particular can be detrimental to a dog's health and welfare. Mats restrict the flow of air to the skin and can trap moisture, which can cause irritation and sores. In severe cases, matting can impair circulation to a dog’s skin.

Sometimes individual mats, knots or tangles can be removed by using trimmers, or scissored out by hand. This is called de-matting. If there are lots, this process can be painstaking. This adds unfair stress on the dog, and can also cause pain or discomfort. If there are too many knots or mats, the only sensible and caring option for the dog is to shave the coat. This does incur risks such as haematoma (blood rushing to areas where matting caused circulation to be cut off, resulting in bleeding skin); it can reveal hidden wounds, or cause old wounds to reopen. 

If you want to preserve the length of your dog's coat length, and only if the knots aren't too numerous or severe, The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour will manually de-mat the coat at an additional cost of £40/hour. The clock starts if the groomer cannot fully brush and comb your dog out in 15 minutes after the blow-dry. For the welfare of the dog, the maximum amount of de-matting time the groomer will do in any session is 30 minutes. If your dog's coat is still knotted after this point you can book them in for another de-matting session, provided it won't add too much unnecessary stress on the dog, and as soon as the coat is tangle-free, it can be styled.

You understand that the level of matting is not always possible to identify at the pre-groom consultation, and only becomes apparent when when the groom is underway. If the groomer believes the level of matting means it is kinder to remove the coat than to de-matt, in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006, you consent to this being done at any point during the groom. The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour will make reasonable efforts to contact you and discuss this option beforehand, but you accept that it is not always possible to speak.


You understand The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour is not liable for any cuts, irritation or other injuries caused by shaving off or de-matting a dog, nor for other injuries that may have been hidden by matted hair, and that the desired look for your dog may not be achieved as a result of poor coat condition.


Shaving off a matted dog takes patience, care and time. It also places extra wear and tear on grooming tools, specifically clipper blades and scissors, which need to be sent away for resharpening in order to be usable again. Shaving off a matted dog incurs a surcharge of £15 - £80 depending on the severity of the matting and how much additional time is added to the groom (which includes an at-cost price of £10 -  £15.70 to send off a clipper blade or scissors for resharpening. In the unlikely event that more than one clipper blade needs to be sent off for sharpening, each additional blade will be charged at £10.00 - £15.00, also at-cost.)


You accept that all prices quoted are a starting price, based on an assumption about your dog’s size when you make an initial enquiry; and that also assume your dog’s coat is in a reasonable condition; that they are on a regular grooming schedule appropriate for their breed and coat type, and have a temperament that tolerates being groomed. 

Refunds are not given for any reason.

Additional fees may be added to the price of your groom based on, but not limited to, the following conditions relating to you and your dog(s):

  • actual size (for example: if a dog is bigger than its breed suggests when assessed in person)

  • length and type of coat (for example: overgrown and/or curly coats)

  • coat condition (for example: matted or badly tangled coats)

  • behaviour (for example, a boisterous dog may take longer time to calm down)

  • tolerance of grooming processes (for example, dogs with particularly sensitive body parts)

  • health issues (for example, skin conditions)

  • late arrivals

  • late payments

All full-groom estimates are based on a time frame of 2hours (S/M dogs) or 2.5hours (L dogs). Any additional time, due to the dog's behaviour or coat condition will be charged at £10 for every 15-minutes thereafter.

The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour will make reasonable efforts to advise you upfront if additional fees apply. If a groom has to be stopped mid-way due to the dog’s behaviour or health issues, you agree to paying the full cost of the groom plus any applicable surcharges.

10% off New Customer Grooms in Feb'24 Promotion

Offer is subject to availability and is applicable only to the following services: Full Groom, Tidy Up Groom, Bath, Blow Dry & Brush.

Customers need to complete the application form and arrange a 'Meet & Treat' familiarisation session

The discount is applied to the base price of the groom (Based on a small to medium sized dog these are: from £65 for a 2-hour full groom, from £50 - £55 for a 1h15m Tidy Up Groom, from £40 for a 1-hour Bath, Blow Dry and Brush.)

No discount is applied to matting fees, late fees, cancellation fees or other surcharges.

A 50% upfront deposit is required to secure the booking.

Drop-offs & Collections:

Return customers agree to dropping their dogs off at the door.

New customers will be invited in for a consultation or a familiarisation session.

Arriving more than 10 minutes late to your appointment will result in a £8 late fee, plus £8 for every 10mins late arrival after that.

Arriving more than 15 minutes late to your appointment without giving notice will result in an automatic cancellation of said appointment (please refer to the cancellation clause below).


Always let us know ahead of time, if possible, if you think you might be late.

Anyone who is late for three or more appointments will be blocked from receiving grooming services.


The Artful Grooming Parlour provides a specialist, one-on-one grooming service. Therefore, it is very important that appointments run on schedule. Additionally, members of our team work flexible hours around other commitments. As such, dropping off and picking up on time are mandatory. You are expected to pick up your dog within 30 minutes of receiving notice that your dog is ready, unless alternative arrangements have been made with me ahead of your appointment time.


Late collection will incur a daycare fee of £8 for every ten minutes you are late (starting immediately after the 30 minutes are up)

Late collection of over 2-hours, without reasonable explanation, will incur an additional fee of £100.


If you are unable to pick up your dog yourself, please let your groomer know who will be picking up instead, along with their contact information and a photo if possible. We will not release any dogs into the custody of people who were not approved ahead of time.

Drop Off/ Collection at your home

As a local business we often agree to either collect or drop your dog off to your home. Priority is given to the elderly, disabled, their carers, and to parents of young children. Where and whenever possible, this service is offered free of charge. However, unless otherwise stated, any drop off and collection to or from your home is charged at £8 for every 10minutes of journey time, including the outward AND the return journeys from any of the Artful Dog Grooming Parlour grooming locations.

Cancellations/ No Shows/ Missed Appointments: 

Because we only receive payment for dogs we groom, short notice cancellations and no-shows leave empty space in the day that could have otherwise been filled. To avoid this, we ask that any cancellations are made at least 2 working days in advance (I.e. 48 hours’ notice Monday - Friday. Public holidays do not count as working days.) Failure to adhere to this policy will result in a 100% cancellation fee, and future appointments will need to be paid for upfront in full to secure an appointment.


We do understand that things happen - we are not unreasonable people - so please call if you think you will miss your appointment or are going to be late to collect.


The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour accepts payment by cash or online bank transfer.


Payment, including all applicable surcharges as outlined in this agreement, is due in full on collection if paying in cash.


Payment by bank transfer is due by 5 PM the same day as your service.

Payment, or proof of payment, not received by 5 PM same day incurs an additional £5 fee.

If payment, or proof of payment is not received by 5PM the following working day incurs an additional £10 fee

If payment is not received by 6PM on the third working day a surcharge of £20 will be added and we will make an official, statutory demand for payment.


Use of Media:

The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour may take photos and/or videos of your pet may during the grooming appointment. These are stored in a secure, password-protected location. These media are to show current condition, health concerns or a preferred style of coat.

You understand that photos and/or may be taken in case an injury occurs, to help understand the beginning condition of the coat, the nails, or any health ailments with the pet to determine why this injury happened. In the case of injury, you consent to The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour sharing these photos with the appropriate parties, including but not limited to, the overseeing Veterinarian’s office.

You consent to The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour using photos and/or videos of your pet for marketing and promotional purposes, including but not limited to, use on the website or social media sites. These media remain the property of The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour.



You can read the Privacy Policy here 

Hold Harmless Agreement:

By making a booking with us, you agree to hold The Artful Dog Grooming Parlour, its owners, employees and directors harmless from any damage, loss, or claim arising from any condition of the  dog, either known or unknown to them. You understand and agree the terms of this agreement can change at any time, without notice, and will overwrite any prior versions.

You understand this clause applies to any and all dogs groomed.


You must read and accept the Terms of Service before your dog can be groomed. You can do so either in writing (by email, text or WhatsApp) or by clicking the link below.

Grooming Terms and Conditions: Text
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