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Full Dog Groom

When your dog needs a
whole body glow up

Full pet groom 01.jpg

Tidy Up Groom

A bath, brush, blow dry and tidy of the eyes, paws and (ahem) privates

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Puppy grooming 900x675

Puppy Grooming

Start as early as possible to get your puppy used to grooming

Bath, Brush & Blow Dry

Nails clipped, ears cleaned, a bath and brush to keep tangles at bay. Also perfect for grooming short-haired dogs

Hand Stripping

The recommended grooming method for wire-haired dogs such as Terriers, Schnauzers, and Spinones

hand strip border terrier.jpg


For double-coated dogs.
Just imagine, no more hoovering....


Anxious Dogs

A bespoke, fear-free grooming package for your nervous dog


Dog Sitting

Doggy daycare and overnight boarding for clients and neighbours

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