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Full Dog Groom

The full groom treatment includes everything your dog needs to look and feel great.

  • Pre-groom consultation

  • Health check

  • Nail trim

  • Trimming hair between paw pads

  • Ears cleaned and plucked, as necessary

  • Full body-massaging shampoo and condition

  • Anal glands expressed (only on request)

  • Warm blow dry with specialist dryer

  • Thorough brush out

  • Deshedding as required by the coat type

  • Custom coat styling: body, head, legs and tail as required

  • Love and attention throughout

Small/Medium Dogs from £60 

Large Dogs from £80


Starting prices are just that! 

The 'from' price is based on short- to medium-haired dogs (the cost increases for long or curly coats.) They are also based on dogs who are groomed every 4-6 weeks, and who take to the process well. The final price will take into consideration breed; coat condition, how frequently they are groomed and temperament of the dog. We will discuss these with you during the consultation, or even mid-groom if needed.

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Full Groom Enquiry

Please get in touch for information about availability

Thanks for your enquiry. I may be grooming right now,
and will reply as soon as possible.

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