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Canine Coat Types: a cheat sheet for groomers and owners

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Learning about canine coat types, and how to groom them, is confusing, especially for the novice. Everyone uses different terms, none of which seem to have a logical grouping.

To add to the confusion, the term 'double-coated' is often used by groomers to refer just to the double-coated dogs with long, coarse hair, to the exclusion of others. During my training I was taught "it's dangerous to clip a double-coated dog." Also during my training I was told that I could safely clip a Cocker Spaniel, or a Shih'tzu, both of which are double-coated dogs. I found this as clear as mud.

So I did my research; I formulated a way of thinking about it that made sense to me, and put it into a handy infographic. The main point is to share the groupings and terms that I find helpful, in a simple and visual way. It started to make sense to me when I thought of coat type first of all by it's texture (the column at the left), and then by whether it has an undercoat or not (the top row).

Maybe others will find it useful too.

Canine Coat Types: a cheat sheet
Canine Coat Types: a cheat sheet

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