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Premium quality dog grooming products I recommend

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The Pawdinary range of dog grooming shampoos and coat products

I've become a massive fan of a British brand called The Pawdinary, who make a range of top quality dog grooming shampoos, conditioners and coat treatments. I am not alone; UK groomers are raving about them. I now use their products almost exclusively in The Parlour.

I rate their products so much, I also recommend them to you, my customers. They are so much better than dog shampoos and conditioners you can buy in the supermarket.

I have bottles of shampoo and detangler spray in stock for sale.

  • Mother Fluffer Detangling Shampoo 250ml £11

  • Mother Fluffer 10-in-1 Detangling Spray 100ml £8

There's more info below, with links to the website so you can see the full list of ingredients.

Drop me a line if you are interested in purchasing a bottle.

The Pawdinary products I am currently using are:

A fantastic all-round dog shampoo as well as a great detangler; it helps remove unruly knots and mats like no other product I have tried. Compared to the rest of the pack (and I have tried and tested a LOT of shampoos), this works like magic.

It has a gentle scent; is free from sulphates and parabens; and dilutes at 32:1 (thirty-two parts water to one part shampoo) so lasts a long time.

I spray this on almost every dog when their coat is a little bit damp; just before I am about to brush them out under the finishing drier. It detangles, conditions and leaves a lovely shine.

For use at home, I recommend spraying it onto your dog's coat before a brushing session. It's always best to brush a coat that is slightly damp anyway, as the hair is more elastic, meaning knots come out more easily, it's less likely to hurt the dog, and the hair is less prone to breakage. It's a particularly helpful product during wet weather. Dogs are often rinsed out after a morning walk, but not brushed as we're rushing to get to work, which means mats are more likely to develop. After you've patted out excess water with a towel, spray this into the damp coat and rub it in gently with your fingers, especially on trouble spots like elbows, paws, shins, the backs of the ears and the tail. It will make brushing out the tangles later in the evening much easier.

  • Blown Away Deshedding Shampoo

For long-haired double coated dogs that need a good deshed. This shampoo helps loosen undercoat like a dream.

  • Innocent Fragrance Free Sensitive Shampoo

For my customers' dogs with allergies or sensitive skin.

  • Miracle Coat Elixir

When the coat needs some extra va-va voom

  • Resurrect and Protect Ultra Concentrated Conditioner

Deeply nourishes and conditions after a shampoo

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